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Penny Golledge

Penny Golledge

Lymington, Hampshire


I am an Artist, based in the beautiful New Forest, nestled in the South of England,
I live very close to the coast, but also a stone's throw away from the forest where ponies roam free.
I started painting at a very young age, but soon enjoyed taking commissions for Pet Portraits, then Wild Animals, and eventually branched out into the world of Fantasy.

My latest Mystical, more esoteric artworks are a reflection of a Spiritual Awakening I had whilst on my journey through Cancer in 2009. My eyes were opened to the sacred meaning of art and how it has been used since time immemorial to illustrate this phenomenon.
I realised art awakens the soul and illuminates the spiritual path of each person by providing access to the highest mystic truths. It provides a bridge between the material, creativity and spirituality.

Art helps us recognize and integrate ALL wisdom paths that expand consciousness and provide personal contact with the Divine.

When I paint my Visionary artwork I often find I have channelled the images from somewhere else! The Spiritual journey isn't 'owned' by any one religious faction or is an Al-chemical process experienced by the Soul of every individual.

Carl Gustav Jung said:
"There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

Alchemy of the Soul can only be learned through experience, and self examination so 'Go within; and discover who you are, why your feel the way you do, and what actions you intend to take to alter your life's path. Your EMOTIONS ARE the key to enlightenment.

My C.V.
-In the 90's I was asked to create 3 CD covers for the hard rock/blues guitarist, Bernie Marsden & his band The Snakes. Bernie was one of the original core members in the band Whitesnake where he wrote the hit song "Here I Go Again" and co-wrote "Fool For Your Loving" along with many others.
-Hampshire Brewery commissioned me to design beer bottle labels, winning them the Camra Award.

In 2002, I won the overall first prize for 'Paint a Wildlife Subject' at the Business Design Centre, London.

-I then joined Marwell International Wildlife Art Society in Hampshire and the Society for the Art of Imagination, UK, in 2007, and these wonderful societies gave me the opportunity to exhibit at a number of prestigious galleries around the world, including: the Mall Gallery in London, H.R. Giger Museum in Gruyere, Switzerland, Renaze in France and recently in October 2015, the Ecomusée du Fier Monde in Montreal, Canada with pieces by H.R Giger, Alex Gray, Brigid Marlin, Jerome Bertrande, Jean Pronovost and Otto Rapp.

I am so grateful for the opportunities Art has given me, it is my passion.



Fox by Penny Golledge



Betty and Milly by Penny Golledge


Harvest Mice by Penny Golledge


Beach Boys by Penny Golledge


Windsurfing by Penny Golledge


Paddle boarding by Penny Golledge


Island Race by Penny Golledge


World in a Grain of Sand by Penny Golledge


Last Light at Keyhaven by Penny Golledge


Tom by Penny Golledge



Hodgepig by Penny Golledge


Baby Rabbit by Penny Golledge


Yes to Life by Penny Golledge


The Chase by Penny Golledge


Sekhmet by Penny Golledge


Ptah by Penny Golledge


Ari by Penny Golledge



The Fool by Penny Golledge


Deliverance by Penny Golledge


Search for the Black Toad by Penny Golledge


Time to Reflect by Penny Golledge


Nature's Canvas by Penny Golledge


Robin Christmas Card by Penny Golledge


Oscar by Penny Golledge


Beauty is in the Eye by Penny Golledge


Guinevere by Penny Golledge


Meru by Penny Golledge


Dr Syn by Penny Golledge


Golden Dawn by Penny Golledge


Rattlesnakes by Penny Golledge


The Snakes Live in Europe by Penny Golledge


Once Bitten by Penny Golledge


Phoenix by Penny Golledge


Easy Tiger by Penny Golledge


Unleash Your Potential by Penny Golledge


Isis Unveiled by Penny Golledge


Duality by Penny Golledge


An al Nathrach by Penny Golledge